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Transcreation: unleashing the magic of words!

You’re probably familiar with translation, but have you ever heard of transcreation? No? Well, it's like translation's sassy cousin who adds a little extra spice to the mix. Read on to find out how it can benefit your foreign language content!

What's the buzz about transcreation?

Okay, let's start with the basics. Translation, as you probably know, is all about converting words from one language to another while keeping the meaning intact. A good translator constantly balances between faithfulness to the original text and making sure it sounds natural in the target language.

Although some might argue that transcreation is the same thing, it is in fact a whole new ball game! It’s about taking a creative leap, blending translation with adaptation – so basically jazzing your copy up to appeal to a different crowd. If transcreation were a painting, it'd look something like this:

I saw this beauty hanging on a tree in Glasgow's Pollok Park, right next to the newly refurbished (i.e. jazzed up) Burrell Collection. The author(s) of this painting adaptation used the good old transcreation technique of taking something familiar and adding a few details that would appeal to their ideal audience – that is to some cool cats, I imagine (pun intended).

When and why do we transcreate?

Transcreation is the perfect tool for marketing, advertising, or creative content that needs to engage a specific audience. You know how cultural nuances and wordplay can make or break a catchy slogan, right? That's where transcreation steps in, shaking hands with emotions and culture.

Imagine a famous tagline that involves wordplay - like Dollar Shave Club's "Shave time. Shave Money". There is no way it could be translated word for word into another language, unless the words for "shave" and "save" have a similar pronunciation. A good transcreator would break the original slogan into chunks and explore its true meaning: a shaving product aimed at busy people who'd love to save up a bit. And who like their brands to be on the cheeky side.

That's the charm of transcreation – preserving the essence while making it sing in another language.

How can translation help your business?

So, you might wonder why bother with all the transcreation trouble when good old translation seems easier? Well, dear reader, the benefits are aplenty:

🌟 Connecting with your audience on a deeper level: Transcreation allows the message to resonate with the local audience emotionally. It's like creating a heart-to-heart bond with your readers, and we all know that genuine, emotional connection is pure gold in the marketing world.

🌟Adapting to cultural nuances: What works in one culture might be completely inappropriate in another. Transcreation helps you avoid embarrassing cultural mishaps and ensures your content fits like a glove in the local market. (For example, you wouldn’t launch a summer campaign for a product in New Zealand in July, right?)

🌟 Boosting brand image: Your brand is your baby, and you want it to shine wherever it goes. Transcreation helps maintain your brand's voice, making it feel as familiar and trustworthy in the target language as it does in the original.

The perfection that takes time

Transcreation isn't a quick sprint – it's a thoughtful marathon. Unlike translation, where we strive for accuracy and clarity, transcreation calls for creativity and meticulous tinkering. It requires an extensive knowledge of local culture, culture-specific items and references. You can’t just whip up a great slogan or marketing copy in one sitting! All this effort results in a masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact, resonating with the audience like never before.

Ready to sprinkle some gold on your text?

Translation and transcreation may dance to the same tune, but they sure have distinct styles. Transcreation is like translation, but with a sprinkle of stardust, turning plain text into a dazzling showstopper.

When you need your content to woo a new crowd, tug at heartstrings, and sizzle with cultural relevance, transcreation is your secret weapon. It's the bridge between languages, making sure your message is never lost in translation, but rather, beautifully reimagined for a whole new world to embrace.

Need help with Polish or English transcreation? I know just the person.


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