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Transl + editing


We might not even realise it, but we all have contact with translation every day – it could be a book on your bedside table, allergy advice on a meal, a booking form on a hotel website or a care instructions label on your jumper.

I'm proud to use inclusive language in my translations, so you can rest assured that your message will be welcoming and considerate. And don't worry – this doesn't mean your text will be clumsy, long or alienating. There are ways to avoid that and I'm here to prove it.


With the increased volume of video content available out there, the need for subtitles has soared. Be it online tutorials, conference talks, museum video guides or TV shows – subtitles have become our everyday companions.

I offer both mono- and multilingual subtitling, taking care of everything: spotting (in- and out-times), observing character limits, the most natural line breaks and shot change rules, and any other technical aspects. And the language side of things, of course.

Subtl + transcr


Sometimes an audio or video file might need to be transformed into a written piece. Examples include clinical trialsinterviews and podcasts. Typing out handwritten documents, like letters, is another type of transcription.

I am most often asked to transcribe spoken files and turn them into written documents. Sometimes the final text is to be delivered in another language. If the project falls within my language combinations, I can help. Otherwise, I'll recommend a colleague.


Transcreation is a highly creative form

of translation, used chiefly in advertising and marketing. It aims to adapt the source text's message to fit the target audience's culture-specific needs and expectations.

As a transcreator, I'm often asked to adapt slogans featuring idiomatic expressions, song lyrics or references to a specific culture – no wonder then that a transcreation may take a bit longer to deliver than a standard translation.


Certified translation

Many countries have a system of accredited or so-called sworn translators, but that's not the case for the UK. Official documents should be self-certified by qualified translators belonging to a professional body.

As a Chartered Linguist and a qualified member of ITI, I meet the conditions to deliver certified translations of official documents between Polish and English. Each translation will include a sticker and a self-certification statement.

Editing & proofreading

There's nothing worse than publishing a text only to realise it contains an error. And, unfortunately, proofreading your own work can often be a challenge. Another pair of eyes is just what the doctor ordered!

Apart from checking grammar, style and spelling, I will also make sure your text is written in an inclusive way so that there's nothing to worry about. Need someone to proofread or edit an existing translation in Polish or English? Not a problem!



Polish translator specialising in the area of environment and climate change: climate crisis, renewable energy, pollution prevention, animal rights, biodiversity and coservation

Fashion & textiles

  • Sustainable textiles

  • Sewing patterns

  • DIY projects and tutorials

  • Eco-friendly fashion catalogues

  • History of fashion and textiles

Environment & climate change

  • Climate crisis

  • Renewable energy

  • Pollution prevention

  • Animal rights

  • Biodiversity and conservation

Polish translator specialising in fashion & textiles
Polish translator specialising in the areas of botany, gardening, vegan food, eco-tourism, zero waste, natural beauty and cosmetics

Sustainable lifestyle

  • Botany, horticulture and gardening

  • Vegan food and drink

  • Eco-tourism

  • Zero waste

  • Natural beauty products

Creative & culture

  • Literature and non-fiction

  • Subtitling for film and TV

  • Travel and museum guides

  • Politics and human rights

  • Marketing and press releases

Polish translator specialising in subtitling, creative translatio and areas of politics, human rights and marketing

Other sectors

Throughout my career, I have also dealt within the following subjects: mental health & wellbeingmedical research & pharmaceuticals, games, transportartificial intelligence and more.

If you can't find what you’re looking for on my website, contact me. If I'm not a right fit for your project, I'll be happy to recommend a trusted colleague.

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