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Sustainability Policy

Polka Dot Translations’ emissions for the year 2022-2023 were around 1.72 tonnes CO2 – to calculate this, I used the Business Carbon Calculator powered by Normative.

As expected, the biggest percentage of my emissions came from Scope 3, so supply chain emissions (1.48 tonnes), mainly from business travel (0.841), followed by purchased goods and services (0.609). Scope 2 emissions, generated from energy purchased for heating and electricity, currently sit at 0, as Octopus Energy, the provider I am using, and my previous one, So Energy, both use renewable energy. However, heating comes from natural gas, which is reflected in my Scope 1 emissions – 0.244 tonnes.








What I’ve done so far

  • Specifically chose an electricity supplier who uses renewable energy

  • At the end of each workday, I take care to switch my computer, desk lamp and other devices (i.e. printer, shredder, electric sit-to-stand deck) by unplugging the extension cord at the wall

  • I don’t have a company (or personal) car, which reduces emissions for any business-related travel

  • Unless impossible, I travel to UK-based events by train

  • I have reduced my printing to absolutely necessary documents

  • I certify my translations using a Green Lined stamp made from 70% recycled materials


What I’m still working on

  • Not all of the lights in the property are LED – these are being replaced as soon as any of the bulbs breaks

  • Not all of my clients are committed to sustainability – I am actively pursuing new leads that put the environment in the heart of their actions

  • I try to buy second-hand equipment, but sometimes it’s impossible. For example, I recently bought a new sit-to-stand desk. I'd looked for a used model first, but they were scarce in my area (and selling fast). However, I try to go for a pre-loved option whenever I can (like in the case of my second monitor, which I bought in September 2022)

  • At the beginning of the financial year, I commit to offset my business travel emissions from the previous year. The scheme I have chosen is Trees for Life. The model I’m using for my calculations is based on 185 USD per tonne of CO2, as per this study. The first payment, which was £125, was made on 15 June 2023. Any future payments will be made on an annual basis, each May.


What I can’t do (at the moment)

  • Getting fully rid of paper is not possible for my business

  • Completely avoiding business travel, including air travel to remote locations, is impractical and often impossible

  • My property uses natural gas but at the moment going fully-electric is cost prohibitive for me

  • Although I intend to work only with sustainability-focused clients, I’m not in a position to fully change my client-base. I am working on it


Version 1, published in April 2023.

Annual update due: May 2024

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