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Thanks to Alicja's professional editing services we were able to create a message that was more suitable and respectful towards our English-speaking audience. I recommend Alicja's services to anyone who's planning to introduce their product to the global market.

– Marek Chojecki, Bark App

I worked with Alicja in having our information leaflet for women experiencing domestic abuse translated into Polish.  After launching an appeal on our social media platforms for volunteers to assist us with our project, Alicja very kindly offered us her services.  Working with Alicja was a wonderful and stress-free experience. She was very professional throughout all communications and dedicated her time to us with no hesitation.  Every step of the process was a pleasure and for Alicja to offer her time to such a valuable project was so gratefully appreciated.  Thanks to Alicja we now have one of our valuable resources available to women who do not understand English and may be requiring our support.  I would highly recommend Alicja and thank you from everyone at Glasgow Women’s Aid.

– Lynne, Glasgow Women’s Aid

Alicja worked with myself as part of a play

I was writing – helping me to make contact with a couple of institutions in Poland.

I would highly recommend Alicja’s translation services to anyone. She took

a real interest in the work I was doing

and this is an incredibly valuable asset when working with any translator.

The service was personable and of a very high quality, really brilliant – and it

allowed me to achieve a level of contact

with Poland-based institutions

that otherwise would not have happened.

– Andy Edwards, playwright

We had filmed an interview in Polish and

Alicja was able to quickly translate this into English for us. With Alicja's help, we were

able to open up the content of the interview

to the edit, which we worried was going to be a difficult task.  This was incredibly helpful. Would highly recommend!

– Daniel Hughes, artist

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